A week’s worth of book activities for World Book Day

With World Book Day coming up this week, I have been thinking of a few ways to mark the day with ToddlerGirl. She may be too young to realise what’s going on but, bookworm that I am, I am always excited to find new books to explore with her and new ways to engage her in reading.

World Book Day

A little inspiration from Pinterest (where else!) helped me to hit on the idea of creating some activities to bring her books alive. I see all sorts of wonderful book play ideas but haven’t really tried this with ToddlerGirl yet, so this week is the perfect opportunity.

I have come up with five activities that I think are suitable for ToddlerGirl. They are all simple to set up and do and hopefully will be interesting for her!

Here’s to celebrating the wonderful world of reading this World Book Day.

World Book Day activities:

Monday: Dancing with the Creepy Crawly Calypso band
Tuesday: Visiting the library and finding books about books!
Wednesday: Taking a Listening Walk
Thursday: Creating an ‘under the sea’ book nook / play space
Friday: Finding the animals featured in Monkey and Me

Dancing with the Creepy Crawly Calypso

Visiting the library for World Book Day

Taking a listening walk

Creating an under the sea book nook

Monkey and Me

I’d love to hear how you celebrated World Book Day…

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