Playtime Pinspiration: Pretend Play for Pancake Day

I was having a sneaky surf of Facebook while ToddlerGirl was napping earlier and came across a lovely picture post by The Imagination Tree which showed the set up for a Pancake Day themed invitation to play. It was so lovely, it made me smile just to see the picture.

Half an hour later, it occurred to me – hang on a minute, I could set something like that up for ToddlerGirl!

Playtime Pinspiration - Pretend play for Pancake Day

First of all, yes, my Playtime Pinspiration did actually come from Facebook today… And also from The Imagination Tree again! I am a complete Imagination Tree stalker, following not only the blog but the Facebook page and the Pinterest board; I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants brilliant, creative and engaging ideas for activities with their little ones.

Anyway, this was such an easy peasy playtime to set up. OK, my version was perhaps a little more rough around the edges than the beautiful picture posted but I don’t think that mattered to ToddlerGirl.

We have a wooden saucepan set for ToddlerGirl which includes a little frying pan, wooden spoon and spatula, so that was a good start. I set this up along with a plastic mixing bowl and another wooden spoon (because, as far as ToddlerGirl is concerned, you can never have too many wooden spoons to hold). For the pancakes, I cut two circles out of some cardboard, one yellow felt circle and one yellow foam circle, as I thought the different textures might be interesting. I also put some flour and gold glitter in a small water bottle and taped this up. To finish the scene, I added ToddlerGirl’s little apron for her to wear.

Just too easy!

When she woke up, I sat down with her and went through the process of making a pancake – well, our version of it anyway! We cracked our eggs, put them in the mixing bowl, pretended to shake some flour in and gave it all a good stir. Then I showed ToddlerGirl the pancakes, which she examined closely, and we put them in the frying pan to cook before putting the finished pancake on a plate. I let her take over and she sat happily playing by herself while I prepared lunch, which was great for me. She was particularly enthusiastic at stirring the eggs around in the mixing bowl and went round the room adding a few of her own special ingredients to the mixture.

It always amazes me how quickly (and happily) she seems to grasp the concept of what we are doing when we play pretend games like this. I don’t think she’s ever come across pancakes before but she accepted what we were doing and joined in straight away. I love that capacity in little ones! Obviously, she has no idea what Pancake Day is all about or a proper understanding of ingredients and the cooking process, but I do believe she understood the basic idea that we were pretending to make a new type of food called a pancake.

We played with this some more after lunch and again before dinner, so got a lot of mileage out of something that was so simple to set up. Thank you Imagination Tree :)


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