New Year predictions

With the new year inevitably comes the many predictions of what lies ahead for us in 2013. While I’m sat here cuddling ToddlerGirl (as usual, trying to keep her napping for another hour after she woke like clockwork at the 45 min mark – I predict I’ll be doing this a lot this year as we adjust to one nap a day!) I have already come across several articles peering into our collective futures.

With my limited time for savouring a good book or going to the cinema, it’s always useful to get a heads up on the films, TV, gigs and books I should be focusing on, so I enjoyed this peek at some of the cultural highlights coming our way this year. There’s a new fantasy series called The Bone Season coming this summer that could be worth a look; I really enjoy fantasy for pure escapism and an easy read. Plus a Killers concert that I won’t be in the country for, humph…

The geeky side of me enjoyed this tech round up. I’ve already been thinking how futuristic 2013 sounds. While we may not have any flying cars or housework robots (wow, I could definitely do with one of those…) the idea of a flexible mobile phone or TV screen that you can bend and twist is fairly impressive. As is the idea that this could lead to being able to unfold your phone to make a tablet sized gadget. Cool, eh?!

The article that really caught my attention, though, was from Social Media Examiner on the social media predictions for 2013. First, as it’s always interesting to see what the experts think will be happening – and how widely their predictions can miss the mark in such a fast moving area! A whole new social network has appeared since I stepped away from my marketing day job to focus on ToddlerGirl, one that has become massive enough to hit my, much distracted, radar. I’m of course talking about my new addiction, Pinterest – although instagram is another one that has risen to prominence over the last sixteen months. Only one person in the Social Media Examiner’s 2012 article even mentioned Pinterest! So, I personally like prediction number sixteen that some new, as yet unthought of, social network will be this year’s big thing. Just as we think we have a handle on the playing field, it can all shift and change.

My second reason for being so interested in this particular article is that I am planning on trying my hand at freelancing this year. After nearly a year and a half out of the workplace – and as my sudden realisation that Pinterest exists confirms to myself – I need to do some catching up!

It’s amazing how fast the world can move around you when you are 100% focused on this new little person in your life – and what to do with them – and how to get more sleep. Those things aren’t going to change (the sleep thing is definitely up there as a priority this year) but I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself with ‘the day job’ and seeing if I can make my work at home mum plan work.

I predict 2013 is going to be a fun year!

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