Our Christmas sensory bottle

Have I mentioned before that I just love Christmas? No grumpy Scrooge here, thank you very much. ToddlerGirl and I are throwing ourselves into Christmas, inspired by our Activity Advent calendar list. Our tree is up and looking beeeeeeeautiful, we have enjoyed the Christmas lights in town, visited a wonderful Christmas market, had a lovely Christmas party with friends and made a very simple Christmas decoration for the tree. Phew! And there are still two more weeks of Christmas fun to be had!

One of our craft activities on the list was to make a Christmas sensory bottle, which we did today. I really like making these bottles with ToddlerGirl. For a start, they are so easy to do and I am all about making our activities as easy as possible, particularly when we are struggling with sleep deprivation. (But that’s for another post; this is all about the joys of Christmas rather than the tough bits of toddlerhood!)

Now ToddlerGirl is a bit bigger, this has also become a much more interactive activity. It is lovely to involve her in the making of our bottles and see the concentration on her face as she helps to fill them.

For our Christmassy-themed bottle, I collected a few simple ‘ingredients’:

  • A few holly leaves from one of our walks
  • A red holly berry
  • A sprig of our Christmas tree
  • A small piece of tinsel
  • A few differently coloured sequins – circles to represent baubles, and stars

I had a dinky-sized water bottle to use, perfect for ToddlerGirl’s little hands, and set this up with all the items in small bowls. ToddlerGirl sat with me and watched as I put the prickly holly leaves in myself first of all, followed by the red berry. These bits out of the way, I then let her help me with the rest, which she did very carefully. The shiny sequins are actually quite hard for little fingers to pick up, so this required a lot of extra hard concentrating and probably gave her fine motor skills a good workout too.

Once all the elements were in our bottle, I taped the lid shut. It was looking a bit plain with a sellotaped lid, though, so I added some wrapping paper around the top with a lot more tape to give a more festive finish.

Our Christmas bottle has a lovely mixture of colours and textures. ToddlerGirl has been enjoying shaking the bottle and peering in, although I have had to confiscate it a couple of times when she starts chewing on the taped lid, yuk! The tinsel and sequins really catch the light and look particularly good when we hold the bottle next to the fairy lights on the Christmas tree.


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