My first blog post

I actually started my blog last year, at the beginning of December. I wrote a post all about the excitement of approaching BabyGirl’s first Christmas and how I was milking every Christmassy drop out of the month (I just love Christmas!). Of course, at the time BabyGirl was pretty much oblivious to it all at just under four months old. She loved the lights and baubles – not quite as much as I was expecting – but other than that, Christmas was probably as puzzling and interesting as any other day for a little being, brand new to the world.

As you can see, there is no post on here dated December 2011, however… I was really excited to begin blogging, so what happened to that entry and others over the following six months? Total sleep deprivation, that’s what! It turns out blogging is a luxury that I wasn’t interested in when feeling like a borderline zombie.

After the first six weeks of BabyGirl’s life, where she would only sleep ON one of us, we finally got her into her cot (hooray!) and sleeping for increasingly longer chunks of time. So by 3 months, we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves and thinking that we’d cracked this sleep thing. Oh, how wrong we were. By Christmas, we were up every hour to two hours at night and naps were hit and miss. The idea of trying to squeeze in blogging time when I was functioning on a few hours’ broken sleep a night went completely out the window.

Fast forward to nearly ten months and I’d like to report that BabyGirl is sleeping like a baby through the night. I’d be lying, though. (And, by the way, whoever invented the phrase ‘sleeping like a baby’ clearly never had one, or not mine anyway.) Apart from the odd week here and there, BabyGirl’s awful sleeping habits have continued over the months and we are still battling frequent night wakings. Sigh. So I have decided that, if I wait until she is sleeping wonderfully at night and taking lovely long naps in her cot during the day and I am feeling completely rested, I will never blog. Or maybe when she is five… or ten… or a teenager or something.

Two lessons I have learnt from my experiences in starting this blog:

1. Sometimes you need to seize the day and stop waiting for everything to be perfectly aligned before embarking on a new project.

2. Never think that you have ‘cracked it’ when it comes to your baby as what they are doing one month is likely to change completely the next. We have had (all too brief) periods since December where BabyGirl has been sleeping quite well but, just as we dare to hope she might be settling down, we’re back to being up all night. Now, we enjoy it while we can and are resigned to it being short lived!

As a friend said when we had BabyGirl: “Congratulations on becoming a parent. Remember, it’s all just a phase…”

Unfortunately, we have discovered that goes for the good stuff as well as the tough stuff!

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